Friday, 17 September 2010

My Options are Open

We are off to a nephews wedding this weekend.  Plain black uncrushable travel skirt and black top are the basis of my going out wardrobe.  OK, they are my only going out wardrobe. The variation is no sleeves or long sleeves on the top.  It's OK, though.  I don't go out a lot.  

As I was thinking about packing, I realized I had a whole lot of options to wear with this basic uniform.
Spiffy new sweater is a top candidate.  It really does look dressy and casual at the same time. Unless it warms up a lot, this is probably what I am wearing.  (The likelihood of warming is small.  It snowed at higher elevations yesterday and this wedding is at a very high elevation) A no sleeve option works with this sweater, but it's nice to know if it is cold, it works fine with long black sleeves too.

Elegant flax and silk Bitterroot shawl.  I'd have to have the long sleeves for this one but it is so pretty.

Elegant little Silk and Wool (or was it Fleece Artists Woolie Silk?). This also has a long sleeves requirement.

Soft cuddly elegant green Yards of Heaven.  Great over a jacket.  I wore this to the Kiev wedding with a black jacket.

Scrumptious green silk Topsy Turvyd.  I have been waiting for an occasion to wear this.  The silk is just too delicate to wear at work.  I'd probably wear the black jacket with this one to show it off just right.  

Drapey Shoalwater Shawl in bouncy Ella Rae Merino laceweight.  Also going to need long sleeves with this one but with this, I'd feel swathed in yarn, veiled.  It might be a good choice if I feel the need to hide.

The point is, I have choices.  Lots of choices. This pleases me to no end. They are all elegant and wearing them make me feel special.  They are not my usual, just this side of jeans style at all and yet they all are still very much me. They are designed by others, but are interpreted by me, in yarns chosen by me.  They are my armour as I surf the world of people who just don't get knitting.

Now I have got to get hopping.  There is a brides gift bag to be getting ready for and somewhere in the bead and yarn stash I have some white silk and some perfectly right beads.


Brenda said...

I used to pack 'light', making decisions about what I would wear before leaving home. Until a friend cautioned me to do the opposite. Take everything. That way you have options if there are changes -your mood, the weather, the venue etc.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful choices. Enjoy. GD

Sandra said...

those are some pretty spectacular choices to have...

Anonymous said...

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