Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First off thank you for helping me feel better about my decision to keep knitting.  As my dear sister says, "Sometimes, wisdom takes years. " Too true.  And I admit, too , to having the same kind of contrary nature, Sandra.  It did make me want to knit more overtly, to be bolder about it, rather than just sitting at my table and knitting away.

The funny thing was, had I quit I would have confirmed their opinion, rather than carrying it through so they could see why I was doing it.  Ah well.  I shall let it go and put it to rest.  However there is an Edmonton reception this weekend for the same wedding party and the same people will be there.  This time I am knitting socks.  Bright garish and for me.  We shall see what comes.  This time if they ask, I shall not stop.

Well, OK, I probably would because I am a big chicken. I can say I won't here, in this far off and quiet place and can less easily put it to practice without feeling bad.  A hat for a charity?  Surely an acceptable compromise.  Socks for charity?

Meanwhile, back with regular knitting, I'm thrilled with the way the vest is moving along  Almost done the first chart and I'm completely comfortable with the colours.  

It is like working with heather in my hands, the magic kind.  There may be a problem with dominant/ recessive yarns, but I can't see evidence of it yet.  When I do, it may be too late.  I have decided not to worry.

That is the good thing about knitting, the comforting thing about knitting.  I do the knitting for me, even when the result will be for someone else. If I did not want to do it, I would buy them a gift.  The only one judging my knitting is me, the only critic is me.  And I am gradually learning not to judge so harshly, gradually learning to accept that some errors can be ignored and some must be redone.

Slowly and surely I am learning when I should pay attention to whatever judgements I may put on myself and when I ought to kick that judging me in the patootie.


Sandra said...

knit on the biggest, brightest yarn you have, and if they ask you to stop, ask them why you should. Is it hurting anyone? Insulting to anyone? disrespectful? Since the answer to all of these questions is no, I'd be curious to see what explanation they come up with.

Brenda said...

I love, love, love the colours in your vest. It will be a wonderful piece.