Friday, 3 September 2010

Dreaming Mode

After a really nice visit with a good friend, I went straight to bed.  Nary a single stitch was knit yesterday.  I think.  Things get sort of hazy and I can't remember well when I don't get to knit.  I did think about knitting though.  I'm sure this counts.  

What I was thinking about was how very much I like the way my Freya feels when I wear it.  It is destined to become my everything sweater, my go to for every occasion, my somewhere between dressy and casual sweater.  It is warm but not heavy, snuggly but not cloyingly so.  Does it sound like I love it?

So how to recreate that feel, that je ne sais quoi? I bought the last of the Eco DK from the store and I don't know if it will be restocked.

I do have the unspun 6 strand Prairie Wool from Custom Woolen Mills (available at RCY right now during sweater season).  I'm kind of wondering if 2 or 3 strands of this might give the same lofty yet light feel.  I sense an experiment coming on.  If you could do a sweater out of a couple of these wheels?  Cost effective!

Anyway, that won't be tried tilll at least the weekend.  No point getting my self off in another direction when I really want to see this vest knit up it will take over my every waking thought once I have it in my hands again.

Till then, I shall dream wild and crazy knitting dreams, I shall think of way to recreate a feel and I will knit on socks and simple things that take absolutely no thinking whatsoever.   


Brenda said...

We have the Sirdar Eco DK in stock so if you need any, let me know.

ThatLoganChick said...

You might find it isn't worth the hassle of unspooling and separating the CWM coils. As the yarn is unspun (no twist) it pulls apart with a breath. I once tried and just ruined part of a wheel of yarn, ending up with a pile of wee bits and lengths and fluff. Emo (the cat) loved it.

Hmm, on second hand, unspool away! Your fluffball will appreciate your efforts. ;-)