Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What I will make?

All that Briggs and Little deserves a wonderful pattern.  I don't have a pattern but I think I have a plan. 

One of the things I think this yarn does really well is show detail.  Things just really seem to pop out and hold shape.  Cables and twisted stitches look really great (at least on Ravelry) in it.  

I did a lot of work on traditional sweaters this year, and wouldn't mind more of the same. I love the gansey style of sweaters and really enjoyed knitting without a formal written pattern, just a stitch pattern and a couple measurements. I think I will use the modified drop shoulder plan though, rather than a full blown gansey.  

But patterning will be something a little different.  I did pick up a copy of Twisted Stitch Knitting. Twisted stitches, not cabled, but very likely the basis of what has become known as a 'fishermans knit'.   I can't wait to try something from this book.    Briggs and Little, with its strong definition is going to be perfect to show off the magic of twisted stitches.

They are a long way off though, probably fall.  There just isn't enough time in a year.  I have a few things in the once again growing pile to finish and a Susie Hoodie to do before I get to knit with this yarn.    

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Brenda said...

I think you are right. B&L shows wonderful stitch definition. And working without a pattern is my favourite method too. It allows the yarn to speak to you.