Thursday, 15 April 2010


Thursday is one of the days I almost always get off.  I've only worked a few here and there and it has become the standard, the flag bearer of my week.

It is a day for bits and peices.  I don't go to town.  Singular Thursdays are not for starting big projects. Its a day for housework and setting things to rights. It is a day for those little tasks that are only noticed when you don't do them, like cleaning your fridge and wiping the fingerprints from around the light switches. Thursday is a day of ordinary, a day of mundane, a day of simple, regular things.

Thursday is a good day for socks. Socks fit in the bits of the day between bathroom cleaning and vacuuming and tidying and putting. Socks are a great accompaniment to the days coffee breaks and pauses.  They fit well with the fits and starts and the odd little victories  that are housekeeping.

Today, I really feel like knitting socks. I need a break from the cotton and I need a break from all the thinking and planning.  I need the mundane and the simple.  Socks are the perfect place to go.  

I am going to finish the Earl Grey Socks today and if there is time, I'll cast on for another pair.  Simple prosaic socks for a simple prosaic day.

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Sandra said...

you can come and clean my house any Thursday you want. I'll make dinner.