Thursday, 8 April 2010

Taking a wee break

Wednesday is a work day for me.  It is also my evening Knitting with friends day.  I should have knit on the sweater, but it was just tto much to drag along.  This morning, I find I am better  for the wee wait.  

Tuesday evening, I took a count of all the stitches.  I have been adding shaping stitches to a particular sequence without worrying too much about the final count of stitches.  I need to have a number perfectly divisible by 7 to fit the lace panel in.  Close but no cigar. I have 4 stitches too many, or 10 stitches too few.  

Tuesday I thought I would have to pull back my knitting.  This morning I realized duhhhhh... 

I could leave the stitches as they are and decrease the 4 stitches on the last row before the lace row.  The lace flares out a little bit and will hide those pesky getting to a 7 stitch repeat decreases perfectly.     

Putting pesky little problems down for just a few minutes often helps me find the simplest solution.

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Sandra said...

stepping back is always a good thing. I find that with crossword puzzles, too. I'll be stuck in an area, put it down, come back later and fill them in without a second thought.