Monday, 19 April 2010

Making it right.

Isn't it the way it goes, when after a success like a finished sweater, you feel like everything you touch is a bit of a disaster.  

Every project I touched had problems last week, but that is over now.  It is going well.

I'm working on a Bitterroot Shawl.    Last weeks adventures were an endless round of knit and tink, knit and tink.  This week I have forward progress.  I'm well on my way through Chart D and have a big decision to make.  

To bead or not to bead?  The yarn, with its soft colours shifts and its slubby texture, might hide beads unless they are large and chunky.  This just doesn't feel like a shawl that needs large and chunky.    

The yarn is Flaxen from Handmaiden. Just scroll through her yarns and you will find it.  It is a sort of unassuming yarn there among the beauties that are Handmaiden.  It isn't up front soft.  It doesn't glow or shout your name as you walk by.    

But oh, knit with its silk and flax blend a while and see how you feel.  Flaxen is seduction in a skein.  It doesn't have to say a word. Its sits next to you and is quiet and soft and in a moment you realize you have magic in your hands.   

I'm almost wishing this shawl would go slowly. Truly, ripping back the little mistakes have not been a cross to bear at all.  


Knitting Alchemist said...

I love yarn like that.. Looks lovely. Can't wait to see it blocked.

Brenda said...

I love the colour of the yarn and can close my eyes and imagine it from your great description.

Sandra said...

that yarn is really beautiful. As for the beads, I agree about large and chunky one s- don't do it. But the small, twinkly ones will add a depth to the shawl - not up front, in your face sparkle, but a small twinkle here and there.
I vote for beads.