Monday, 22 March 2010

Something else to knit

Mr. Needles was unavailable to try on his sweater.  I could not check if my final knitting on his sweater is long enough.  

I didn't pick up the purple sweater.  Just was not in the mood, though it is on the menu for today.  I spent my time on something else.

I knit on my pretty little Multnomah. There is no way this photo does it justice.  The pattern is delightful (as are all feather and fan patterns) and the warm natural shades of the yarn are just the prettiest thing.  

I'm working it with Zauberball.  This is my first exprience working with this delightful yarn.  Well other than the Lace Zauberball in those many bright shades that is.  Its an impressive yarn.  I don't know why exactly, but it is.  It just pleases me to work with it. 

Sometimes the challenge and the joy of knitting comes from the pattern, sometimes from the yarn.  This time it is both.   

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