Friday, 26 March 2010

The Question of Tiny Little Squares

I swatched yesterday to see if it would work.  Ignore the crappy sample.  I ought to have knitted it in the round as I would if I was knitting the sweater.  Only the really really deep navy lace showed through and the navy is not one of my colours.  The soft green is fine and it is twice as dark as any of my chosen colours.  Stranding lace wieght at this gauge works.
The pattern seems to be mute on the subject, and stranding wee tiny threadlike lace weight could drive one batty.  Do you think it might be intarsia?  

I think the obsession to get the swatching done for a little tiny squares sweater is over for a while.  I need to get one more soft colour of  Misti Alpaca Lace weight to pull it all together before I can knit it anyway.  I'm off to work to see if I can sweet talk my boss into letting me see the yarn catalog from Misti (if there is one) to find the perfect tone to go with the delicate soft things I already have.

To console myself, I knitted a sock, the Earl Grey Sock.
It is a little hard to see the cabling and twisted stitches, which is a good thing, but the photo does show the colours off marvelously.  The yarn is Footloose from Diamond Yarns, one of those nice scrunchie bouncy yarns that just is a pleasure to work with.  

I'll finish these socks and then it will be time to get back to the big purple thing.  Spring is coming and it is time to be moving ahead. That little lace mission could take till next winter.

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