Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More Brown

I did go back to simple seed stitch for the center panel. I am determined to knit this yarn into a first sweater for Mr. Needles. If it means I have to adjust my thinking along the way, I'm good with that. I'll save the fancier and more intricate stuff for a different time and a different yarn.

In just an hour this morning, I knit a couple of rounds, took good look at it, and started the back and forth knitting for the remainder of the front and back. Its a little mind bending to have to adjust the patterning for back and forth knitting. Maybe it is a good thing that the centre panel didn't work out. Knitting it back and forth might have made me nuts.
What really is interesting is how fast this is moving. I thought it was going to take huge effort to get to the armpits, much less to finish to the shoulder, but it is one of those knits that is hypnotic, and very very hard to put down.

I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the yarn, but some is the patterning. It is very very cool watching how fast the cable cross comes up again, and how the horizontal is always offset by just one row. Due to the wonderful job I did planning, I am learning to cable on the purl side as well as cabling on the knit side. Must plan better for next time.

Part of me is wondering if I have to do anything besides knitting so long as this is on the needles, but most of me knows it can only go to the next significant point for the class, and another part knows there are other things to tend too.

It is February, and February is renovation month.

The last time the guest room was painted was 1994,and we are long past time to redo. I'm going to do it right, fill all the holes, and replace all the little finishing details. It means this wall of pictures has to come down.

I'm a little sorry about that, because I really like this wall. It is a mishmash of photos of all the people from our history. All 4 sets of our grandparents are represented here, many of our great grandparents and even one of my great great grandparents, as well as various interesting photos of other relatives, like great Uncle Hubert, with his amazing beard. I like being surrounded by this history, so they will go back up again some way or other but it isn't a job I am looking forward to.

The two things go together in a way. Knitting a traditional styled sweater while working on a project so full of personal history. Tickles my fancy.


Sigrun said...

Do you cable with a cable needle? I don't use a cable needle, and cables are a whiz(with practice of course). If you don't already, then i'd be happy to teach you. About your pictures, how about a collages? I'm faced with the same dilemna-my pictures are all children and grandchildren, but I just painted my "picture wall" and don't want to put all those holes back.

Sandra said...

love the wall. I'm in the midst of collecting, scanning and printing all kinds of pictures - old, new, you name it. They are going in similar frames up around our staircase. On display, but still private enough for family.