Friday, 22 January 2010

Sick Day 2

They managed to switch things around so I don't have to work today. I get the luxury of being sick. Which really isn't the sort of luxury I would like.

And yet, if today goes better than yesterday, it ought to be a free day for knitting, which means I have the luxury of time. Beyond a doubt, time is the greatest luxury of all. Or it would be, if it weren't for being sick.

And yes, it is just a cold, a miserable nasty cold, which is how I am paying for not having a lot of colds (Cold FX, I love you)

I really wish I had more to show you. I had planned to be onto the second part, the sweet little edging of the baby blanket I am working on. It is the sweet thing that will make this baby blanket different from all the other blankets in the world. This morning finds me still working on the body of the blanket, long miles of plain garter stitch body.

As I knit this, I am fully aware of the irony of the plain garter stitch that I chose. Miles of stockinette. Long repeats of lace. Plain garter stitch. Same, same. Not really thinking knitting, and yet, by adding this third project of long simple stitches, to the things I am knitting each day, I have found the balance I needed.

If I make it to the edging I'll post some photos. If not, you can assume I am having a nap.


Sandra said...

better to be sick alone than to share it with others. I hate the martyrs that come to work, and hack, cough and sneeze all over things and in meetings. Our CEO sent one person home with the admonition to stay there until he was "fit to be with others". We all applauded!

karen said...

hope you feel better soon!