Monday, 7 December 2009

A tough decision

I have finished the Swallowtail but to do so I had to make an tough decision.

There will be no dainty tails on the swallowtail. All I have is today to knit and with the wisp being a disappointment, I must move forward and knit on the bride's small shawl. The Swallowtail was finished with a couple of garter rows after the Lily of the Valley Charts. It is still a very nice shawl, but not the fantastic thing the designer planned. Nice it is and for a good warm thing to toss around Grannie's neck. The yarn choice was perfect for it, and I am glad to be past it.

With the Mom's shawl done, and the grannies now finished, there is just one more success needed to call this marathon of shawls complete.

For the bride's shawl round 2, I am going with a really pretty little thing called Cinnamon Grace. I'm working it up in the lightest of the Punta Yarns, a heavier than fingering but I'm not sure about sport weight Mericash solid in a creamy white. Its a close as it comes when you switch yarns. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Moving along, nothing to see here.


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