Monday, 9 November 2009


I had to go into the box with all the scarf yarns the other day. A knitting friend needed a ball of yarn she knew I had (she is doing the Kernel along with the Edmonton knitters and you should see it: a thing of beauty) for her project, and it gave me time to consider Heaven.

The stash is a thing of beauty these days, big enough to have a little something in it for every project you could think of, small enough that I think I can remember what is in there. Digging proved me wrong.

After Fridays blog, surely it was clear that 198 yards of heaven is speaking to me. Who am I to ignore the call of heaven. While digging, I found the perfect yarn. If a yarn was ever meant for heaven, surely this is it.
I had two full and one partial ball of Misti Alpaca Baby Suri and Silk in this lovely fresh green colour. If ever a Canadian needs a colour in the dark of winter, this bright spring green is it.

I did a scarf a long while ago that used just a touch of what I had. The yarn is a slight bit lighter than what is called for in the pattern, but with the extra meterage, I'll get the size project I am looking for.

I had forgotten how much I loved working with this yarn. I could talk more about this yarn. I probably will tomorrow, but right now, I have itchy fingers.

I must go knit. I'm working on heaven. It's a good way to start a week.

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