Friday, 6 March 2009

For a day spent on wall paper

I did a surprising amount of knitting. And very little wall papering.

I opened the box and read the instructions to find that this mural needed wallpaper glue applied to it. This wasn't really a problem except that the logistics of the application changed. It needed stuff I did not have and since the day wasn't meant for unnecessary travel, Mr. Needles helped me with it when he got home.

It was a good thing I waited any way. These mural pieces are enormous. The figures on it are gargantuan. We played around with the parts last night to figure out what was going to look the best, and all I have left to do today is make the paste, book the paper, and slap it up. Which is pretty much right where I was yesterday morning, par for the course in renovations.

So I kept knitting. I'm almost ready to put the little stroller blanket together. I'm a little short of blue, and I have a lot of yellow and orange left over. I'm seriously thinking about putting a little edging on it. I'm thinking about little garter stitch points on 3 sides of the blanket alternating the blue, the orange and the yellow point by point.

Its been a bit of a yarny sort of week. UPS brought the two walnut skeins of yarn I needed for Mr. Needles vest, and I brought home a few things from the store fresh from the shipping boxes.

Some new really great colours of Confetti sock yarn. Some of a wonderful forest floor sort of green colourway of Kureyon sock yarn destined for another simple small shawl, and some hand dyed Ella Rae Merino Lace. Ella Rae Merino lace is a little heavier weight and quite springy in comparison to some laces and this blue and green Caribbean water colour is my favourite.

What I didn't bring home was the new Footloose, which is the most amazing shades and tones of reds and the other really nice ball of Confetti I was eyeing up. I thought I controlled myself remarkably well.

Now if I can just live through the opening of rest of the 8 or 10 boxes waiting in the back of the store, my budget might just survive the month.

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