Friday, 27 February 2009

The funny thing about colour

So there I was, yesterday, working on a colour swatch, and feeling good and yet not quite confident about where I was going, when all of a sudden the road map became very very clear.

I had my head wrapped in the green, when I should have had my head wrapped in the brown. The brown was wrong. I've replaced the brown with a heathered grey. The whole project just popped to life in those very neutral background shades. All my foreground colours work, and work without incident and without needing to debate or decide. They all just work. It all just works.

Of course the ribbing I worked up in the brown is now toast, but oh well, it was just a few hours work. No biggie. I guess there will be a brown felted bag in my future. Or brown felted slippers. I think I have that fibre trends felted clog pattern round here somewhere.

I'll be using far more of the cream than in my original plan, and I am going to have to find another skein of walnut (I am prepared for walnut to be very hard to find) but this is the right way to move, the right combination.

I don't mind not knowing exactly where I am going. I don't need to know every step along the way to feel comfortable with the journey. I kind of enjoy changing with the challenges I face but some things, you really have to know before you start. In order to be sure that you are going on the trip you mean to be on, you really ought to know the direction you intend to go. The colour problem, was a trip I needed to take. Too many options were like too many directions to travel. I did a little survey down each path, and all of a sudden I knew which map of colours was right for where I hoped to go.

I may not have all the area charted out before me, but just like the old map of North America, I don't have to have everything charted. And incomplete map doesn't change that something is out there waiting for me to discover it for my very own.


Sandra said...

I love making it up as I go along - make sit much more interesting. Or frustrationg, at times...

Anonymous said...

I love your happiness quote.

Needles said...

Thank you. Its a reminder to me.