Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The things I do for sanity

A couple weeks ago some online buddies and I were having a conversation about household space and how people come by their concept of what size home we need to have to feel comfortable. It was an interesting discussion. It seems our comfort adapts to whatever space we have.

I agree with this. I also disagree with this. Sort of. I have found that no matter how much space we have, it fills to capacity, and then spills over just a little. It has happened with kitchen cupboards, with bookcases, with drawer space in my bedroom.

It is absolutely no surprise that it happens with yarn. I go through my yarn stash on a regular basis, just for the fun of it, so the yarn gets shifted and moved and tidied. Sometimes I find just a little more room to store a yarn that was just hanging around with no particular place to be. Going through the stash is not just fun, it keeps the stash reasonably well managed and semi tidy.

This is not the case for other spaces in my house. They are a whole lot less fun to go through and tidy. Going through my pantry cabinets in the kitchen and finding a single can of something I haven't used since 1992 does not give me the same sort of joy that finding a yarn I haven't worked with since 1992 does. Reorganizing the deep freeze just never turned me on.

Today, my task will be deeper and darker. We are getting a new mattress and it ought to be delivered today. I'm looking forward to that part, but all the stuff I have to do before it arrives, is the part that fills me with horror.

Its a unhealthy year since the bedroom had a good really deep deep clean. It is much much longer since our closets have had a good go through. Dressers too have become spaces filled with 'stuff' rather than clothing and somehow, even though we turn worn things to rags on a regular basis, there isn't room in the closets for everything we own. There always seems to be spillage when all the laundry is done.

When that horror is done, I have to look under the bed.

The only thing that is keeping me cheerful is that I have a new mattress to look forward to and I take comfort in knowing when it is tidied, folded organized and cleaned, everything will fit and there will be space to spare.

I'm putting on the coffee, I'm girding my loins. Let's get this show on the road. There might be space to spare.

Space to spare. Wonder what I can do with it?


Sandra said...

We all know what you're going to do with space to spare - you're going to fill it with yarn.
At least, that's what I would do...

Anonymous said...

Oh you make me laugh. I hope you had a productive day. Hope you are able to adjust to the new mattress and sleep well tonight. GD