Friday, 2 January 2009

The trouble you can get into

Ever wonder what sort of trouble you can get into if you have absolutely nothing better to do? Or at least if you pretend you have nothing better to do? I did that yesterday. I read a little, played around on the computer a little, updated my Ravelry projects with all the Christmas knitting (I have no photos of one project at all, drat it) and knit a lot.

In the early morning hours I finished my lovely new shawl. Woolie Silk from Fleece Artist in the colour straw.

Then I worked on getting another pair of socks on the needles emptied by the Aline pair (I have a plan for those. I'll tell you about that later). I dug through my vast quantity of sock yarns and found this bright fun little thing. Its a 6 ply Trekking sock yarn. If you like the regular Trekking, you are going to love this.

I had itchy fingers, so I started this little neckwarmer. It is going to be the Fan Neckwarmer from The Bonita Knitting Shop again. My aunt really loved mom's and I promised I'd make one for her. The yarn is Manos Silk Wool Blend in a DK weight. This is absolutely gorgeous stuff. I'm uncertain of my colour choice. I worry that the rich roses and eggplants might to too harsh for my very fair aunt. I may yet pick up the plain rose colour way, or perhaps the lavender mix.

By supper time, I was looking for something different. I was sitting gazing around my study, and realized my Grand Alpaca Capelet was sitting there, just waiting for me to please work on it. I'd love to wear this lovely thing as I sit and work in my chilly space. Its a pretty thing and is going to be so very nice and cozy warm.

So that is where I am now. Working on getting the hem, the placket, and the collar done. It feels like it is going to be finished knitting today. It is moving along so smoothly. Alpaca and steel needles are a team sent from heaven if you like steel needles and the smooth lush feel of alpaca. If I do finish today, this project will have been a 3 day project. 2 days to knit the main part, and one day to do the outer edges with many moths in between.

My hands were busy getting into trouble, that is quite clear. Today will be spent cleaning and getting things back in order. This second day of January is always the day the world goes back to normal. This first weekend in January is when the tree comes down, when the lights go out and things are tucked quietly away.

Besides all the knitting, January is the Fourth Annual Just Read More Novels month. Read the Foma blog for the rules, have fun, go somewhere different, and see what kind of new stories are out there waiting to be discovered.

I'm going to start with 'The Year of Wonders' by Geraldine Brooks. My goal is to double my reading from last year. I plan to read 2, yes you heard it right, 2 novels this month. Oh for the days when I could read much more.

But next year, I'm going to check out ahead of time if books on cd's count. Too bad knitting books don't.

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karen said...

My, you have been very busy! I adore the colour of the neckwarmer, gorgeous! I had a mad clean of my dining room yesterday, the computer is in there and the sunlight showed all the dust, I was so ashamed. Now I am content, until it comes back anyway.