Friday, 16 January 2009

I like socks

Its been a while since I wrote about socks. That is not strictly true, OK it isn't true in any way shape or form. I constantly write about socks. Here and there in almost every day, no matter what else I am knitting, no matter what else I am thinking, no matter what else I am writing about, hand knit socks are right there woven in around and through everything else I am.

Here I am with some delicious yarns recently under my belt, with some fantastic yarns soon to come ( Alpaca with a Twist Lace, Handmaiden Sea Silk), projects where I can use exciting new knowledge, and here I am, thinking about socks.

I am still thinking and working on the black socks, but I digress.

This morning as I put on my socks, you know what thoughts went through my head?

I thought, 'I love these socks.' It just flashed into my head and stayed there waiting for me to acknowledge it. More than just 'I love these socks', I thought about how I love the weight of this yarn, how I love the way this heel fits made from this yarn on this unique pair of socks, how they fit nice and close around my foot, how the toe hugs just so. In the milliseonds after that first thought, there, laid out in my mind, were all the individual things I love about these socks.

Everytime I put on this pair of socks, these thoughts go through my mind. It could brand me as a nut case to the vast majority of the world, but here among us knitters, I feel safe to shout it out. These are really, really nice socks, they feel good on my feet, they machine wash and dry and I made them.

Other knitters probably have a sweater they knit that accompanies them through their life, the sort of sweater that they made years ago, and that they wear when they need to be warm and cozy and safe.

I have socks. I'm cozy. I'm safe. I'm warm. I love these socks.

These socks are made of Big Fabel yarn from Drops. They are a heavyweight sock yarn, wool and nylon, and are machine washed and dried at least once a week. They just keep getting better. You should try some. Your feet would be warm.


Knitting Alchemist said...

After hearing you tell about "Big Fabel" I had to have a pair myself. Yesterday I came home and my feet were freezing. After discovering that someone had turned the heat waaaay down, I fished out my big fabel socks and within minutes my feet were oh-so-toasty. I love mine too. And these babies knit up in a flash, don't they?

yellojkt said...

I could use some nice warm socks right about now.