Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Excess yarn

Since I found that yarn in the deep archives some time ago, I have had a little problem with my plethora of yarn.

To put it bluntly, the problem was that it was taking up space and crowding out the stuff I am really interested in working with. Its not that I wasn't planning on using this. I have a knitting machine, and the plan was to knit it up into blankets for the Sally Ann or one of the other groups that helps out people who need a hand but I'm so slow at my regular knitting, that I haven't gotten there yet. The yarn was quietly sitting there, waiting, doing nothing.

Then two things happened quite unconnected to each other. The Yarn Harlot talked about taking care of each other on Christmas day in a wonderfully moving post and in the December newsletter, River City had a note about two places that were looking for yarn.

There are plenty of people out there who have the time to knit it up, but who maybe don't have the funds for yarn. I don't know if giving yarn away is quite what the Harlot means by taking care of each other, but, if all this excess yarn can get to people in need as clothing to keep them warm, it can become something. It can become a 'taking care of each other' that much sooner.I'm making arrangements to send it to one of the groups, or maybe both of the groups if one can't handle it all. In my basement, in my study, it is just something I am holding on to. It is stuff in bags, it is insulation against a chilly wall, but it really isn't yarn till I use it. It isn't doing the good it should. So I am off with my great Ikea sized bags filled with yarn, 2 of them full of fresh new unopened bags yarn, and one filled with bits and pieces and smaller amounts.

May it find a better home than I have given it, and may many hands be busy and fulfilled by it, and most of all, may some soul in need be warmed and comforted by it.

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