Friday, 31 October 2008

The stupid things we do.

I had a class scheduled yesterday with Fiona Ellis. I slept right through it.

I woke in the morning feeling sluggish, to the point that I stayed in bed until 6 a.m. (dreadfully late) and I had a feeling that I could have slept much later. When I did get up I knit for a couple hours, but by 10 a.m. I was snoozing in my chair. I could hardly stay awake, I had a dull throbbing headache, so I crawled onto the couch and went to sleep, which is when I slept right through the start time of my course. I did wake for bits and pieces through the day, I did have a lucid moment or two, but not one in which time or date registered.

Mr. Needles came home and made dinner for himself, and I called the shop to let them know I was alive and dreadfully sorry that I missed the workshop. After that, I went straight to bed, where I slept the evening away. I slept undisturbed through the night, and right up till the first alarm went off this morning. Sleeping through the night undisturbed, never happens to me. Ever.

This morning I woke hale and hearty and feel pretty darn good. Who wouldn't with all the sleeping I did. I think this was my version of the flu-like thing Mr. Needles had suffered from for most of the week. I have been fighting off something for the last couple of weeks with the help of Cold FX, and maybe I just finally succumbed. Either way, I hope it is over.

All in all, its probably a good thing I did not go to the workshop last night. I'd likely have given the bug to everyone around me, and what is the good of that.

Somewhere in my life, I will hope for the opportunity of attending another one of her workshops. For now, I will just bemoan my untutored mind.


Sandra said...

glad you're feeling better, but so sorry you missed Fiona - she's a great teacher and even better person.

karen said...

shame about the workshop but I have a feeling your body needed the rest, stay well.