Friday, 3 October 2008

The problem with after thoughts

It is usually considered that thinking before doing is the best policy. Not to say that everyone does that, or that even those among us who do think before doing do it all the time.

I like certain kinds of after thoughts. Take the EZ afterthought heel. Using it has allowed me to work all the way up whatever sock I am working on without having to worry at all about measurments to insert a piece of wast string to mark where the heel stitches are. Snipping a thread and picking up the stiches saves time and lets me take any sock in the sock blank drawer and custom finish the sock for anyone. I can have a new pair of socks as quickly as I can make a set of heels whenever I feel the need for a pristine pair or whenever none of my socks have made it through the laundry.

Like this morning. I now have spiffy new socks to wear, for only a couple hours of stitching.

That is the problem with doing after thought heels and sock blanks. At some point you are going to have to finish the socks in order to get use out of your knitting. Some where in time, you have to make those heels. The advantages of sock blanks and afterthought heels are inversely proportional to the time you need to finish and the urgency of said need.

It kind of ends up balanced, no gain on either side. Gotta run, if I don't I will be late for work...

but I do have a new pair of socks on.

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