Tuesday, 21 October 2008

More sweater knitting

It was a very busy day at the store. No time to knit last evening. I didn't make it home till late but have cleared my schedule for a whole lot of knitting today.

My goal is to finish sleeve one, and to move on to sleeve 2. With any luck at all there will be no need for sleeve 3.

The other interesting thing I am working on right now, is those black socks. Last evening I waited in the drive through while my dinner was being prepared (I know fast food, but its the first time in a long while), I took out the socks and knit. The black socks in semi light is as close to knitting without seeing that I have done. (Knitting without thinking. That I am an expert at!)

I know I messed up at least one stitch in 2 rows, maybe 3. I'll have to do some dropping down to fix it, but I doubt that whatever I knit, will have harmed the socks irreparably.

Today, in good light I'm going to look and see how I knit practically blind. Next up, knitting while not looking. I can do a little of this, but not a lot. The goal is to be able to read while knitting. If I can read while knitting, there is nothing I can't do.

I'd say Bwahahahaha, but I hear it is passe.

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Knitting Alchemist said...

I've been inspired by Mo to learn to knit without looking. It's pretty easy with the Big Fabel sock. I was able to knit AND enjoy the scenery on our weekend away. Hmmm...never thought about knitting and reading...great idea, but how'll you hold the book?

Thanks for blogging the Bride's Memory Bag pattern. It's brilliant.