Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Waylaid by Ike.

I'm late posting today because I have been waylaid by Ike.

A writer I enjoy reading, sat through Ike in Galveston. Check out the Washington Post and anything by Achenbach. To quote: "When there's no running water, life gets dirty fast. Humans in the wild are not an elegant species." (WaPo.com, Achenbach, J.) Darn fine work, sir. Darn fine.

I'll take my -40 C over the big storms. Usually we still have some kind of heat and shelter, and we still have gas for hot water when its -40. I'll try to remind myself of this when it is next that cold. When it is -40 and you are in it with no escape, its much harder to convince oneself that you have it good.

Moving along to cold weather clothing, I was taking out a shipment of Big Fabel yesterday at the store. Neat yarn. It is going to make a seriously good heavy sock, but I've got another colour and I think I'm going to see how that one works up with a larger needles and a longer series of stitches.

It has been suggested that I work up some hunting gloves and I might. Mr. Needles observed not so casually, that if this is supposed to imitate camoflauge, I'd have to use two strands so the colours were more varied. He commented, "there are no stripes in camo", and he is correct. I would have to use two balls to make good gloves, or mittens. I'm not going to worry for socks. His socks are going to be in his boots and don't really need to be camo. ( There is a really nice red colour and a colourway featuring a brilliant turquoise. Whaddya think? Good hunting socks?)

Meanwhile, I'll just sit back and play with this interesting yarn, and remember why I like sock yarns that do something unexpected.


Knitting Alchemist said...

I've been curious about the big Fabel. Thanks for posting such a great picture. I bet Garnstudio could use your photography and writing skills.

Sandra said...

Hmmm, must get some Big Fabel - looks very interesting...
and I agree about the cold vs. big storms. Storms may come and go faster than our winters, but we can prepare better for the fall out.