Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What I have not talked about

Or maybe I have. In the cold light of morning, it is hard to remember. It may be a shortage of coffee. Yeah that's it. When I have coffee, my memory will improve. It may be the sheer loveliness of the yarn I am working in at the store. Yeah that is what I will blame it on. There are just so darn many good things to play in, that each day is wondrous.

Neither of these excuses work for why I have not shown you some of the loveliness that now graces my yarn cabinet. It is blog fodder and I have ignored its fertile territory long enough.

When the new interweave Knits came out, I noticed this design right away. Seriously. How can I avoid thinking about it for 24 hours straight with little or no respite, till I was driven to stop at the store on a non work day, and check out which yarn I was going to use. I had decided on Love It by Berocco, (a seriously fine yarn) but it cost a little more than I wanted to spend. I came across this instead.

Donna from Scheepjes. The price is a couple bucks less a skein and choosing it cuts the cost of the sweater considerably.

Next up, is the green multi-shaded Oasis from Lang Yarns. It seems they are no longer making this yarn, which really is a shame. For my purposes, it will be used with the green sportweight yarn it is pictured with. Though it doesn't quite seem to here, they go together very, very well. I am hoping to do a cabling project with these.

Lang Silk Dream in an absolutely lush red. I may have shown you this already. These will be variation on a theme memory bags, for some old bags (me an a couple of 50 year old friends) Instead of red hats (we are not hat people) we will be the red bag ladies.

And finally, isn't this cool? This is a skein of Socks that Rock Sherbet. I love this brilliant brash colourway. I can't imagine wearing socks made from it and yet I covet the brilliance. Then the other day, after digging for a particular colour of yarn in a particular box at the store, I came across some brilliant cerise Merino Soft, and in that instant I knew what how I could use it, plus that gorgeous Sherbet. A baby sweater for my nephew and his wife who will have a wee girl just before Christmas. Yes it is brilliant but its going to look absolutely fabulous.

Two small things in the works, two big things. when I think of all the other great yarns in my now pretty fine stash, I have a lot of lovely knitting ahead. Even if the sky should fall and I could not afford yarn, I could knit for a good long while. If I looked at all my various stashes, the yarn stash, the linen stash, the fabric stash, the embroidery floss stash, I could do a couple of things for a good long while. Its just really nice to know that knitting and crochet with quality yarns will be among them.

Oh dear I just remembered. I am a little short of cotton and linen yarns. I have both in quantity in fibre, but not in yarn. Hmmmm. I'll have to work on that.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors. Can't wait to see the purses! will you be sharing your pattern? That little girl will be the talk of the town. Hope to see you soon.


Knitting Alchemist said...

Love those colours. Especially the baby girl stash.