Monday, 11 August 2008

New Stash Storage

Friday's post was not really a sign that I am a sad lonely person who focuses just a bit too much on a collection of beer bag coolers(which may or may not be true), it was an ode to the beer bag coolers as I send them on their way.

The beer bags are now back to their original use. No, not for beer, silly. Their original use was as storage for times when I didn't have any more space in my original stash bins. They were to be occasional work bags, large project work bags. They only became stash storage by need.

I picked up this rather nice cabinet a few weeks ago from the lady who sold me the knitting machine. I did not see how I could possibly fit it in my study. The last empty wall space was allocated to the knitting machine, and it barely fit. Moving a bookcase over to the other wall, and accepting that my chair will sit in in front of the bookcases, meant that the machine, and the cabinet fit.(Pardon the picture quality. I'm having some issues with settings)

All my yarns but the sock yarn and lace, fit in this one small cabinet. I could, if required, fit at least another 2 sweaters worth of yarn in there.

It is really nice to have the yarn out where I can see it. I can see how lovely those reds really are (Maybe I won't covet the reds at the store). It even nicer to see how that yarn I searched for, for weeks, fits with the green sportweight. I knew it was exactly right the minute I saw it. Then there is a yarn which is a lovely shade of blueberry, and a cotton in a shade named Victorian grape, that I have fallen in love with all over again. There is some SWS soy yarn there too, just waiting to be a warm heavy middle of winter sweater. On top of these, there is yarn for Mr. Needles sweaters. Good stuff all.

Maybe now that I can see all my really nice yarns, I will stop having that little problem where the world stands still and I must have a yarn... Nah, didn't think so.

Besides, all those empty beer cooler bags? I have room for more stash.


Anonymous said...

Very nice storage. With the yarn in view, another part of who you are is visible in the room. GD

karen said...

The yarn looks great in there, I have an urge to rummage!

Kathryn said...

Being surrounded by yarn you can see is so much more fun than stuffing it in plastic bags in a closet. I can't wait to see what you knit with your knitting machine. They are a lot of fun to use.