Thursday, 14 August 2008

I ought to work on socks

But I am sort of really enjoying this instead. It is, by its nature, akin to a prayer shawl, and there are a lot of hopes and wishes for ease and consolation for the receiver in every stitch.
It will be made of simple garter squares, but eloquent in its simplicity.

Which brings to mind my growing fascination with all things Mason Dixon. I am fascinated by the colour sensibility (check the pattern preview) these lovely, funny ladies have. There is something about this complicated simplicity that gets right to my heart.

I have to wonder if this very very strong appeal of Mason Dixon is part of my process to simplify my life, to search for the less busy, the less rushed.

I am eagerly anticipating their second book, coming out mid September.

Support your local LYS. If they carry it buy it there.

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