Thursday, 21 August 2008

Finally finishing

Today I have good news. I am finally finishing socks. I've been working on these socks since March, I think. A few more rows to the bind off and then a couple hours of knitting for the heel. Its darn tooting time. These are for my sister, and she is visiting today, for tea, and surely a tea party demands a good pair of socks.

This is the point in the project where I like to start thinking about what is next. To be completely honest, I am never not thinking of what comes next, but this is where I pull out yarn. I do have a pair of black socks to knit, as a special request, and I am going to use the pumpkin and grey yarn to work on learning stranded colourwork, a la EZ (its the hat I'll be working on), but the project I am looking forward to most is going to be out of the blue and white sock yarn.

In the spring 2008 issue of Interweave crochet, they had a pair of the most amazing crocheted socks I have ever seen. The Troubador socks are a wonder of stranded colourwork. I am really looking forward to what promises to be a new challenge in crochet.

Of course these are just the things on my small and short needles. There are some larger projects I am thinking of too, but they remain only in the thinking stage. I'm going to have to finish a bit more of the sweater I am working on now before the getting out of the yarn for those projects.

And then somewhere in there I have some baby things to do. My nephew and his wife are expecting as I mentioned the other day, but so is the daughter of a very good friend. Both girls. I am delighted for all, and am really looking forward to baby knitting. Its a long time since I did any baby knitting and crochet.

I'm always utterly delighted by the plans for the next projects. I sometimes wonder at why this is. Most often I stop thinking about the why part and just get back to planning, but it strikes me, that it has to do with the endless possibilities.

I love knowing that something I have choice and control over is filled with such endless possibilities. These little project plans remind me that life is a host of endless possibilities, and that just like in my projects, I have choice and control over what I do next. I may not always have a choice about what happens around me, but I always can choose what I will do in response. Always.

Whatever else knitting crochet and all the rest have meant to me over the years, they surely have been an affirmation of life, of strength, and a reminder of life's endless opportunities and possibilities. I might forget that once in a while, but not when I look at yarn.

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Sandra said...

Being the Mom of an only boy, I look forward to the times I get to knit girly. Even my nieces are outgrowing the need or want of hand knits. Lucky you to have two!