Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

First off, TBG, your comment made my morning. Sent coffee snorting all over the place. I'm thinking my keyboard needs a hairdryer.

Ahem, as I said back to our regularly scheduled stuff. Back to work, no more knitting the afternoons away, no more reading while it's light outside, no more seeing the sun (I have no windows near my desk). But there will be intense work on knitting, and intense trying to figure out my little 'Anne' shawl problem. This figuring threatens to consume me. I played with that as much as I played with my new shawl.

The new shawl is nice and safe. I need that at this time of year. Something comfortable to come home to after dealing with the busy after the break workload. Something which isn't too demanding. Something which gives so much in return. Its the perfect project for my winter hibernation.

The only problem I see is that I can't bring this to work with me till I get some different needles. The needles don't fit into my workbag. These long straights will be close to capacity by the end of the day anyway and circulars are going to become an urgent need. In fact I am going to be doing some investigation into how I can custom make some longer needled circulars to finish this project. Every time I work with circs, I find my gauge and tension go right out the window and I really don't want that to happen with this. I think its the short needles in my hands because I do see the same thing when I knit with short dpns.

As I sat knitting in the early hours this morning, I realized that I had not tried on my Lucy Neatby yarn sock. Usually a completed sock goes on my toes immediately it comes off the needles. That way I know if I have to make a change before I start the second. So I cleaned out the unbelievably cluttered workbag to find the sock (all those bits a pieces from holiday knitting) and tried it on. Its fits my pudgy feet to perfection, and the wider calf is perfect. I'm going to have to take a few notes on the calf increases though. Shoulda woulda coulda me didn't write a darn thing down and now I am regretting it. These delicious socks are going to be my workplace knitting for the next few days, and I expect to be wearing their cushy soft brilliance shortly.

I must now slip away to do my actual work, though I hate do. Yarny things are much more fun. Bring on the lunch hour, where I can sit and knit and regain an aura of sanity.

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