Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Grateful for the advice and opinions.

Thanks to everyone here and at Crochetville for the assist. I think I'm going to grab another skein and see what comes up at a slightly smaller gauge though.

I write three steps behind where I think, so occasionally I don't make myself clear. My link to the Leisure Arts Plus sized is not working (Leisure Arts want to hide their book links in a big way. For the life of me, I can't think why. They have great products) JCB from Crochetville was asking for a bit more info. So here goes.

I fear running out of this yarn. I don't think I will but deep inside hides the fear that what if. First off, the vest I am working on should look like the last picture on my link . To counter any yarn problems, I'm just making it shorter than called for. Here is where it gets tricky. The other part of me worries that I will have tons, skeins of yarn left over. Unbelievable right? So, go back to that link, and see the bottom of the vest just to the upper left? The open work pattern will be added in case I have tons of yarn left.

Then there is the size issue. The pattern is built for S, M, L, XL. I am none of these. Throw in a couple of XXx's and that is me, so, having just completed this vest based on a pattern in Leisure Arts Plus Sized Sweaters to Crochet, and finding a good fit, I'm making it to the dimensions of another item from this leaflet. Plus sized usually means we need deeper (longer from shoulder to apex of bust) and wider armscyces in relation to how wide our back measurement is. This pattern booklet, having numerous side to side worked sweaters, is a fine template on which to build this vest. I will know for sure when the vest is done.

Classic Crocheted Vests is a great book. Pattern sizes in it range from S to XXL, or rather for finished bust sizes from 33 to 50. Not every pattern finishes to every size range. In fact size ranges in patterns and books are one of the things I complain about frequently, no matter what media I am working with. You find the same problems in patterns for sewing, knitting, any wearable. I just don't see why we can't be provided the same stylish patterns in size ranges that fit.

Consarn it all any way. There are a lot of us. And we do these things. In fact we do them more than average sized people per capita. We need to do it ourselves since gorgeous sweaters and seriously fine clothing to fit us well is not always available.

Now back down to earth. Last evening while making dinner, I worked on socks. I continued picking up through the evening till it was time to hit the hay. This morning, Mr. Needles had to be on the road early, so I woke up and made coffee at 4. While I was sipping my first cup of that wonderful brew, I noticed a dropped stitch on the sock...way back where I started at yesterday. So I ripped, and reknit this morning. Total time knitting this morning? 1.5 hours. Total advance to actual project? 1 row.

Knitting feels an awful lot like golf.

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