Monday, 10 September 2007

Very good progress

Knitting had good progress on 2 fronts this weekend, crochet had very good progress on 2 fronts.

2nd sock for me is almost to the heel line - it's a whole lot easier when you can just do a tube and worry about the rest later- and socks for mom, 2nd sock almost there too. Her socks are getting a push to get done.

The warm sweater has only 4 inches to completion of the second front, and then on to the sleeve, and the vest worked up another couple of inches. The best part is that the yummy Blue Moon yarn, will be fine. I was worrying without cause. Other worries were making it seem larger. It will be fine, it will not hang stupidly, it will be lovely. Even if it doesn't, I have a plan for that yarn, a shawl, and a shawl in that yarn will be just peachy fine.

Son 1 not so fine. He's not eating, and when he doesn't eat, he gets miserable. He's pretty miserable right now. We will get through this, HE will get through this. There are worse things in the world but not for him, not today. We will be as stoic as we can be and we will manage by taking turns, by feeding him food he really likes, and can keep down with all the meds, and we will get through this thing. With luck, he will know when where and why by late tomorrow.

In the mean time, I've a fierce hankering for yarn. There is a need to get it if any of this is going to be presents for the holidays. The yarn order is going in today, I have contemplated and planned long enough and I think I've figured out sensible yarn for things I can complete.

If I tell myself I can do all of it before the holdiay, maybe I will even believe it myself.

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Gina said...

Prayers for son and everyone else involved (including you).