Thursday, 6 September 2007

More Ugly Heel Turn News

I made the wise decision. I ripped. I spent lunch looking for short rowed wrap tutorial on the Internet. I re-knit it last night, and I'll tell you, I don't think I'll be doing a wrap thing again. At least not unless I want to poke my eyes out. I seemed to get all the wraps too tight to pick up and the thumbs feeling hasn't left me yet.There are still holes on one side, and though the other side looks better, it doesn't look right. I probably need to practise with some worsted weight yarn, a few times before I try again on a sock.

Short rows and slipped stitches at the edges to pick up must be easier than this. As Bonnie suggested, knitting those tighter, maybe even twisting the picked up stitch, feels like its going to be a better way for me to keep heel stitches live. If not, I'll stay with peasant heels which gave me no trouble at all. I'll rip again today at lunch, and then I'll decide if the yarn can take another trial or If I put this sweet yarn out if its misery and stop inflicting my untutored hands on it, other than for the peasant heel.

I put the toe on for mom's other sock. Toe is is the only way to go if you hate starting ribbing. Someday, I'll take a class, and maybe I'll learn a smarter cast on, but casting on my way is as lame as I get in knitting. Its going to be a knitting day, and I really needed string to just cooperate with me.

As some of you know, Son 1 has been masquerading as broken leg man for months now. The last week or so, he kept saying he just didn't feel right. He was right, and is spending today, and possibly tomorrow going back and forth to the hospital for IV antibiotics. They are sending him for a whole bunch of blood work and to visit the nice doctors in the Infectious Diseases Unit (I assume all doctors are nice) to see what the heck little bug is causing this infection. While he is there, they are going to see if they can't get his orthopedic surgeon to look at his leg, and decide what to do. It might save a trip next week. Since sitting in waiting rooms is high on my list of fun things to do, you can understand my umbrage with this stupid warp thing (my apologies to people who can do wraps, my umbrage is showing), and my need for nice sensible, knitting. Failing this, I'm going to start a doily. I might cry but I do like fine thread work.

You know, thinking of doilies is really appealing all of a sudden. So is embroidery, and even another Calorimetry. And mitts and scarves. And then the felting books should be here any day. And my book order from Hampstead House.

I'll feel better soon. Just another minute to contemplate the sweet niceness of things that work.

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Gina said...

Hope all is well with your son soon. The socks look better...less holes. But this is coming from someone who doesn't knit and think they look fabulous. Got any good scarf patterns? I am in a scarf swap and am cluless on a pattern.