Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Preparing for Fall

August is preparing for fall in a big way here. Nights have been very cool, and temperatures are not much above the 20C range. There is a desperation to August that isn't there in most months. Do all the summer things now, live summer big, cause winter is here soon enough. August is a month of preparing for winter, for routine, for normal.
I must be very much like a squirrel this August, putting away all his winter supplies, getting things done before snow, because last evening, I did a huge amount of work on the sweater. Its warmth beckons me and its the thing I seem to reach for. Its not particularly inspiring. The yarn is nice. The pattern is nice. The stitch is nice. Yet in combination, all these things are beyond nice.

This project is simple, warm, cozy. This project is like reading a book in front of the fire, this project is comfort food, this project is like a hug from my mom. It has no great style, it has no grandeur but its graces are greater for all that.

Sometimes projects beckon because we desire the finished article, sometimes they beckon for what they teach, sometimes for their challenges. Sometimes projects beckon because when you are done you will be nice and warm.

Its wonderful when simple is enough.

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Gina said...

Nights are cool her as well. The sweater is coming along nicely. I have yet to make a sweater...your blog inspires me...maybe I will attempt one this fall. Simple is good.