Friday, 6 July 2007

Wedding verging

A moment ago, or so it seems, my son and his girlfriend announced they were getting married. Great thought I , I have lots of time to do something special for my new almost daughter. She is my first daughter, and I thought a year was plenty of time to make her something lovely and soft to tell her how much I treasure her. I was going to make a little something for me too. I planned for a special dressy handbag with the tatted edge in black to carry with whatever I wore. That was July last year.

Could someone please explain how it is that the wedding is next weekend? Could someone please explain what I have done with all my days? Frittered. Frittered ,I tell you. She is just going to have to wait for Christmas. Or her birthday next year. I mean really, I do indeed love her, but it seems unless it's socks, or maybe a doily, it's not going to happen. Maybe some cabled socks in undyed wool? River City was carrying some last time I looked. Maybe I should have bought more yarn when I ordered this morning from Red Bird Knits? There was some great Romney wools yarn there. I'm certain I've fallen in love with Baby Face.

I don't mind deadline work, but somewhere along the way, this whole event just snuck up on me. I would feel overwhelmed but I won't be able to fit it in till a week from Tuesdaay. Yeah that sounds good. I'll save feeling overwhelmed till then. The yarn order will be in by then, and I'll be able to take the edge off starting a new pair of something.

PS I have not told my mom, I make socks, not even the crocheted ones. I have some surprises to show her!

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