Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tiny Moments of Sanity

There are moments when things just overwhelm. I have another day and a half before I take off for the wedding, and it's all I can do to hold on to my sanity. So many things not done. The windows are not washed. The walls are still spotty with hand prints, the rugs need work. Its not really all that bad, its just the details. Sometimes some of the details get glossed over.

I know I have my priorities in place, because last night, instead of doing anything to prepare the house, I knit a little on socks. It was calm and restful, and I need that right now more than I need a perfect house.

As usual, knitting, crocheting, all those things leave just enough space for thinking. And its this time of year when I start thinking afghans. There is some acrylic yarn, bought on a really good sale, that I plan to use for blankets, good warm blankets, and highly washable, and large enough to help keep someone warm when things are not going so good.

A few years ago I knit scarves with yarn donated to the volunteer centre here, and I really enjoyed that. The prospect of doing something I love, using my time for someone else, gave me a really great sense of satisfaction. It gave me a chance to try some new patterns, and new stitches and to play with things and have some fun. They've not needed that service again, and there are plenty of people who make prayer shawls for people in need, so I'm just going to make blankets for the homeless.

To me blankets are love. When you wrap yourself in a blanket someone has made you, you are in their arms, wrapped with love. It helps right the minute you are cold, right the minute you need some comfort. My kids have enough blankets, and throws. They will be grateful to have the break. They are sort of swamped with handmade blankets, you see. Making them for charity just makes sense. I have a need to make, and someone out there has the need to receive.

I hope to get 2 completed before it gets too cold. I hope then to keep one on the go on an ongoing basis. Just for fun, just because I can.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well with the wedding! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

I'm knitting a prayer shawl now for my very religious best friend from high school. And I think I might make one for Cassandra. After Hurricane Katrina, a group here had a blanket making marathon and I crocheted a couple of baby blankets. I do like doing that sort of thing.


dmd said...

Don't worry so much about the little details of the house for the wedding, between your warm hospitality and the joy of the day, fingerprints will be overlooked and most likely not noticed at all.

My sister is wonderful at crocheting blankets we all have collections made by her, they are a great way to warm up and also feel the love behind the creation.