Thursday, 28 June 2007

More socks?

I am working on that lace project, but casting on is not my favourite part of any project, and this yarn, delicate and light, is so fine that it's a real challenge. Swatching shows it gets better, but I might crochet the first rows to establish a nice neat base and then knit. I'm such a novice, but I really want this to turn out well. sigh

Anyhow, there is a sale at Redbird Knits. They have Meilenweit Cotton Fun on sale. I've worked up a pair of socks with this yarn in crochet, colourway 502. Wonderful socks.

And they have this. And this. You see my problem. Sigh. I understand stash. I know stash. I have an Irish linen and other linen stash that I have owned through 3 moves. (You try hiding stash from your significant other while moving) I have yarn for afghans that is ripe and is having yarnlets in the cupboards. I have skeins of crochet cotton that is older than my youngest sister. I am well acquainted to its joys and its evils.

Sock yarn is taking me over the edge. My work bag can't contain much more and remain an effective work bag. I need more sock yarn because...well, you know. Socks are a really great project when you travel. Sock yarn would make great scarves and fine toques.

I'm not doing a really good job of rationalising my desires to purchase this sale yarn, am I? How about I'm having trouble finding it locally?

After working with Blue Moon Socks That Rock yarn, I also find myself straying to their website wondering how I can rationalise something, anything made out of their beautiful colours.

Who knew knitting would do this to me? Its sort of like linen. Don't ask me to explain. Its just too much for one day.

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