Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ends and Beginnings

Last night I finished the pink and white striped socks. Look how neat they fold! They were tried on by the girl with the morphing foot and they fit! Her foot didn't morph. Her sister's foot shouldn't morph when they appear either. The peasant heel was a winner with her. She said it felt like it was custom fit to her foot. I really enjoyed doing that heel. There still are some refinements to be done. I have a little work to go to get rid of some rather largish holes where the heel work begins, but I suspect that using a set of 5 needles and twisting the picked up stitches at that point will take care of it. The grafting at the heel went really well. You could hardly tell that there was a join of any kind. I'm not really happy with the toe shaping. Doing the decreases the way I have, seems to result in a very square edge. I am quite sure someone out there has multiple ways of doing toe decreases, I just have to find that person and do a little reading.
The next project is already on the needles. I started working with the Blue Moon Socks That Rock Yarn. I swear to heaven, I have worked with 6 inches of this yarn, and I am in love. Its wonderfully soft running through my hands. And its going to look superb in the very simple twisted stitch I intend to inflict upon it. Check out the Uzume socks at Socktopia .
Before I get to the pattern part, I am going to have to give a practise swatch a go. I'd hate to ruin the yarn from to many do and redo's. But I can knit the ribbing as a treat with my lovely treat yarn.

Onwards and upwards to lace. There is that lovely lace weight merino in the background lurking, and that is coming back into the bag this evening. Time to get a move on girl and get it finished too.

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