Friday, 29 June 2007

And on to more interesting stuff

A few days ago, I talked about how I had a life and other interests and how I should probably post more about the rest of life. It seems I lied. I have no life beyond things on needles.

So here are a few signs of other life. To be absolutely truthful, you'll see a lot of weeds. Life is like that.

Glorious flowers surrounded by a weed here and there.

On needles, I lost a whole row while commuting today. My hands were sluggish, and when I moved to shift needles, I dropped all that I had just worked. I managed to get them back on a needles, but I'm going to have to re-orient the whole row before I can continue. The second of the lace socks is about 10 rows from the heel. I hope to be well past that before I go to sleep tonite.

Mr needles is seriously excited. He hunts. He has had critters at the taxidermist since forever, and they are now complete. We pick them up today. This means I get the next big purchase, and I'm thinking I might just have to invest in some serious wool. Or maybe I should take up spinning. And then there is that serger I've wanted. And I could would sure be interested in a better quality knitting machine... See what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue and white iris! Do you know its name? I should try to reclaim my irises - they're too crowded and shaded and don't bloom much, except for my favorites, the purple species which is like a weed - but a good weed. Is that a rugosa rose at the end?

I love your blog - wish I could half as much as you do!


dmd said...

Great pictures, I just finished creating a blog to serve as an online record of what I am doing in the garden. When I was done thought I would catch up on a few blogs, I started laughing when I saw yours, I just picked the same template - talk about great minds thinking alike.

How long do your Iris' last here it seems they only flower for a few days - about the time they flower we seem to get a heat wave.